pg_class returns 0 as relpages

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I have this table:

                  Table "public.region"
   Column    |   Type   | Collation | Nullable | Default 
 r_regionkey | smallint |           | not null | 
 r_name      | text     |           |          | 
 r_comment   | text     |           |          | 
    "region_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (r_regionkey)
Referenced by:
    TABLE "nation" CONSTRAINT "nation_n_regionkey_fkey" FOREIGN KEY (n_regionkey) REFERENCES region(r_regionkey)

weirdly this query:

select oid::regclass as tbl, relpages
from pg_class
where relname='region'

returns relpages = 0.

  • Why and how can I fix? If I change smallint to int it works (relpages = 1)

How to solve :

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Method 1

Your table is so small that autoanalyze never got triggered. Since autovacuum_analyze_threshold is 50 by default, tables with less than 50 data modifications are not automatically analyzed.

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