Passing a file path to COPY … TO PROGRAM

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I am trying to pass a file path to lp using COPY ... TO PROGRAM 'lp';.

If I store the file path in a table and query that with SELECT within COPY statement, it gets passed as a string (i.e echo /path/to/file.pdf | lp) and lp would print that string instead of printing the file itself which is a pdf file.

Is there a way to do this within PostgreSQL or a trick that would pass-to/take-from query the result and pass it to the shell command as file path?

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Method 1

You could use dynamic SQL in a DO statement using format():

   EXECUTE format(
              'COPY ... TO PROGRAM %L',
              (SELECT format('echo %L | lp', path) FROM configuration)

In this example configuration is a one row table with a column path that holds the path name – adapt the query as needed.

The placeholder %L is replaced with the second argument, properly escaped as string literal. That way, you avoid the danger of SQL injection.

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