parse JSON keys preserving ordinality

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I had heard that in postgresql, the json type preserves declared ordering unlike it’s fully-parsed counterpart jsonb.

I want to get the ordinal position of each key in a document as supplied by the client. From what I’ve tried though, this doesn’t seem possible.

select *
from jsonb_path_query(
) with ordinality
jsonb_path_query ordinality
1 1
3 2
2 3

The preceding query shows me leaf node value 3 at ordinal position 2 despite it being supplied as the third key, but there doesn’t appear to be a json_path_query companion to jsonb_path_query.

Is there a built-in function to parse json keys? Or am I limited to either stricter jsonb or completely unconstrainted text parsing to extract this information?

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Method 1

json_object_keys() can serve this use case.

Note in the following example that the jsonb input reliably returns with sorted and deduplicated keys while json version gives us all keys as supplied by the client with correct ordinality.

select *
from json_object_keys('{"foo":2,"bar":3,"foo":4}'::json) 
    with ordinality
json_object_keys ordinality
foo 1
bar 2
foo 3
select *
from jsonb_object_keys('{"foo":2,"bar":3,"foo":4}'::jsonb) 
    with ordinality
json_object_keys ordinality
bar 1
foo 2

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