Need to find the number of employee who are not in all department

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i have a table T1 which has two columns empname , department

every emp must be in 37 department , but there are some employee who are in less than 37 department .

I need to find the names of emp who are not in all 37 departments.

i’m using a query :

select empname from T1 having count (department) < 37;

but it is not giving me the desired output.

How to solve :

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Method 1

Unless you are e.g. counting or summing the entire contents of a table, aggregate functions will require a group by statement. For example, if you are aggregating by counting the number of departments by employee, you must tell it to group by employee

select empname, count(*)
from t1
group by empname
having count(*) < 37

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