MySQL What charset/collation for Case insensitivity and Accent sensitivity?

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I am looking for a charset/collation that would make it so when I do a

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE username = "Warrior"

It only returns me the rows where username = "Warrior", "warrior" or "WARRIOR", and not "WÂRRÎOR" "Wârrîor" etc.

I found a partial solution, by changing the Charset to "utf8mb4" and the Collation to "utf8mb4_bin", now it seems accent sensitive, it differentiates "Wârrîor" from "Warrior", but it’s also case sensitive, so "Warrior" is different than "WARRIOR" which is not what I want.

I tried a different collations but I couldn’t get one to do what exactly what I want. Any ideas ?

Below is a screenshot of the different Collations available to me in the "utf8mb4" Charset :

MySQL What charset/collation for Case insensitivity and Accent sensitivity?

How to solve :

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Method 1

Note that _bin means case and accent sensitive, in your case you should’t use utf8mb4_bin.

You could use:


as means accent
sensitive, and ci means case insensitive


s1 VARCHAR(15) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_0900_as_ci

insert into t values

WHERE s1 = "Warrior";



Method 2

  • _bin — accent sensitive and case sensitive
  • _as_ci (MySQL 8.0 only) — accent sensitive and case insensitive
  • _ci — accent insensitive and case insensitive

This lets you see what will compare equal and what won’t:

(Caveat: Those were taken from specific versions; the available collations do change, but the collations don’t change.)

Most, maybe not all, _ci and _ai_ci collations will treat "Wârrîor" = "Warrior"

All _ci or _ai_ci collations will treat "WARRIOR" = "Warrior"

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