MySQL incorrect equality casting bigint to char

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Why is the following statement true in MySQL?

CAST(544553000004545482 AS CHAR) = 544553000004545446


I am querying a database with user IDs stored as VARCHAR(255), but my program represents these IDs as integers, so SQL is doing type coercion whenever I have a WHERE condition such as WHERE userId = %s. I noticed recently the above, incorrect result, because I got data for the user ending in 5482 when querying for the user ending in 5446.

I know the solution here is to either convert the database to a BIGINT column, or have my program cast to a string before querying, but I’d like to understand why the above is true? I’m guessing it has to do with a bit precision error. I noticed any value from 544553000004545441 – 544553000004545503 (inclusive, so a range of 63) registers as equal, so if SQL is converting somewhere to a lower bit int than the 2**64 of a BIGINT that could explain the truncation.

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Method 1

I’m shooting myself in the foot, why does it hurt?

This is by design:

In all other cases, the arguments are compared as floating-point (double-precision) numbers. For example, a comparison of string and numeric operands takes place as a comparison of floating-point numbers.

You are hitting the limit of representation of your values by double-precision floating point numbers, given the exponent value.

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