Mysql 8 which linux / Unix Distro would have better performance (2021 topic)

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I want to setup a mysql 8 with MyRocks engine and BUILD from source with my custom parameters.

Is there any recommendation on which linux / unix distro would have better performances ?

CentOS stream
Fedora 34

HARDWARE that I have access to :
Premium Intel with NVMe SSD

I searched on the web for benchmarks but search engines throw anything but that…. 🙁

If it’s the wrong forum to ask this, please tell me where I could ask those questions.


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Method 1

The performance differences between those distros are so subtle that any of them could be the best choice for a given workload. The only way to get a definitive answer for your workload is for you to run your own benchmarks.

None of them are likely to be a great bottleneck on MySQL, or a great advantage over the others.

I’d recommend that you just pick the one which you are most experienced with, to make administration easier.

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