MySQL 8 trailing spaces being evaluated in equals comparison

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I am getting different behaviors after updating a 5.6 database to 8.

On 5.6, if I run the following statement I get zero rows, which is what I expect to get:

SELECT * FROM EntityCustomerContact where CustomerContactID <> TRIM(CustomerContactID);

On 8.0 I get hundreds of rows returned. CustomerContactID is a varchar(32);

My understanding is that all CHAR, VARCHAR, and TEXT values in MySQL are compared without regard to any trailing spaces.

The update process consisted of importing a mysqldump from 5.6 into 8.0. The only other thing that I changed other than moving to 8.0 was updating the collation on all tables and columns from utf8mb4_unicode_ci to utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci. This is the first upgrade I’ve done moving to the utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci collation.

I have performed a number of other upgrades from 5.6/7 to 8.0 and never encountered this issue – I ran my test query on some other 8.0 (specifically 8.0.29) databases that were upgraded in the same fashion excepting the collation change and received the expected results.

I have searched for possible mysqld settings to address this but have come up short.

How to solve :

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Method 1

MySQL collations have a pad attribute, which has a value of PAD SPACE or NO PAD


For nonbinary strings (CHAR, VARCHAR, and TEXT values), the string
collation pad attribute determines treatment in comparisons of
trailing spaces at the end of strings. NO PAD collations treat
trailing spaces as significant in comparisons, like any other
character. PAD SPACE collations treat trailing spaces as insignificant
in comparisons; strings are compared without regard to trailing spaces

You have changed utf8mb4_unicode_ci to utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci and the following query return the PAD_ATTRIBUTE difference:

       WHERE CHARACTER_SET_NAME = 'utf8mb4' 
       AND COLLATION_NAME in ('utf8mb4_unicode_ci','utf8mb4_0900_as_ci');

| utf8mb4_0900_as_ci | NO PAD        |
| utf8mb4_unicode_ci | PAD SPACE     |

Method 2

I’ve been wondering about this. Perhaps this explains it (from the changelog for 8.0.1):

—– 2017-04-10 8.0.1 Development Milestone — Character Set Support — —–

The pad attribute for Unicode 9.0.0 collations was changed from PAD
SPACE to NO PAD. Consequently, these collations now treat spaces at
the end of strings like any other character. The affected collations
have names that contain the string 0900.

Comparisons of VARCHAR columns that
have a 9.0.0 collation differ from other collations with respect to
trailing spaces. For example, ‘a’ and ‘a ‘ compare as different
strings, not the same string. Example:

mysql> SET NAMES ‘latin1’ COLLATE ‘latin1_swedish_ci’;

mysql> SELECT 'a' = 'a ';
| 'a' = 'a ' |
|          1 |
mysql> SET NAMES 'utf8mb4' COLLATE 'utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci';
mysql> SELECT 'a' = 'a ';
| 'a' = 'a ' |
|          0 |

PAD_ATTRIBUTE column that indicates the pad attribute for each

A problem with the latin1_de collation involving early weight string
truncation has been corrected. The only likely effect is for
function results.

I think the bottom line is to avoid CHAR; stick with the VARCHAR. I don’t think COLLATION has much, if anything, to do with the issue; rather "Padding".

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