MS SQL Stored Procudure 'With Execute as' no longer working as before

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I have a sp that has been working for 2 years and this weekend it has stopped

error is

Msg 50000, Level 14, State 20, Procedure [cspSPName] Line 770 [Batch
Start Line 11] Cannot drop the table ‘TimeTempC’, because it does not
exist or you do not have permission.

This is an extract from the sp

ALTER PROC [dbo].[cspSPName]
@Date bDate ='2021-03-29'
WITH EXEC AS 'my user name is here'

--other non relevant code in between

IF  EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[TimeTempC]') AND type in (N'U'))
DROP TABLE [dbo].[TimeTempC]

If i remove the line

WITH EXEC AS 'my user name is here'

it works, with it , it doesnt

The user that I’m executing the code as is me. And if i take the line of code its failing on and run it in SQL Management Studio it runs fine.

FYI running the following version of SQL

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (RTM-CU24) (KB5001228) – 14.0.3391.2 (X64) Apr 28 2021 10:32:18 Copyright (C) 2017 Microsoft Corporation Standard Edition (64-bit) on Windows Server 2019 Standard 10.0 (Build 17763: ) (Hypervisor)

Also I’m a member of sysadmin

How to solve :

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Method 1

Also I’m a member of sysadmin

If your login is a sysadmin, then when you connect to a database you are dbo, not a mapped user.

So in this case you should just “execute as owner” if both the table and procedure are owned by dbo.

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