mongodb query or JS to print health state of a replica node

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If I’ve to get something like analogous to SQL statement from rs.status output to print specific value of an attribute in mongoDB –

Something like print health of specific node of a replica set from rs.status.

select health from rs.status where hostname like 'abc:123'

or something to print lagtime of a specific secondary replica node with respect to Primary node using :

print lagtime from rs.printSlaveReplicationInfo() where hostname like 'abc:123'

what would be the simple query or JS to run against a replica set connection string ?

How to solve :

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Method 1

A one-liner would be this one:

mongo "mongodb://username:[email protected]:27018/admin?authSource=admin" --quiet --norc --eval "rs.status().members.filter( x => == db.hello().me ).shift().health"

Function db.hello().me returns the server+port you are currently connected to. Replace this expression if you like to query other server in this replica set.

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