Microsoft SQL Server: TSQL Formatting of Results Columns

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I have a result set of data that has duplicates because certain companies are tied to multiple banks is there a way to combine the values in the BankName column either into a single column.

So the result would be Bendigo Bank, *** Merchant Services on a single row

Or Split them so each row has two bank columns BankName1 with Bendigo Bank As the Value and BankName2 with *** Merchant Services As the value

Microsoft SQL Server: TSQL Formatting of Results Columns

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Method 1

You could use STRING_AGG to aggregate the bank names. For your query, it might look something like:

SELECT … STRING_AGG([BankName], ', ') as [BankNames], …

The STRING_AGG() function will work on all versions of SQL Server since SQL Server 2017.

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