Max_packet_allowed setting for Windows 7

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We have windows xp machine with older version of mysql. So when we need to import huge data we just set the max_allowed_packet=1500M in the C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1 . Now we loaded the latest mysql 5.6.12. We are trying to import the same date and we find there are few my.cnf file on is in the program file and another in programme data both change yet we cant import the same data. Where else to change even after the change we started the service by going into the admistrative tool.

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Method 1

The maximum size for a MySQL Packet is 1G according to the MySQL Documentation. See my post Changed max_allowed_packet and still receiving 'Packet Too Large' error in case you are dealing with big BLOBs.

If you are importing a large database from Windows. see my past posts

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