Is there an automatic way for a secondary member to promote to primary member in a replica set?

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Here is my setup:

Node 1 = (Primary) - priority 1
Node 2 = (Secondary) - priority 1
Node 3 = (Secondary) - priority 0

In the event of Node 1 failure, Node 2 will be set to Primary of the mongo replica set.

Once Node 1 is already accessible, is there a way to automatically promote it to Primary and Node 2 will be set to Secondary again once Node 1 catches up on the replica set?

How to solve :

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Method 1

Yes, easily! Set priority of node 1 to higher than 1…

Node 1 = (Primary) - priority 2
Node 2 = (Secondary) - priority 1
Node 3 = (Secondary) - priority 0.5

Method 2

The main factor here is the Replica Set Elections.

Replica sets use elections to determine which set member will become primary. Replica sets can trigger an election in response to a variety of events, such as:

  • Adding a new node to the replica set,
  • Initiating a replica set,
  • Performing replica set maintenance using methods such as
    rs.stepDown() or rs.reconfig(), and
  • The secondary members losing connectivity to the primary for more
    than the configured timeout (10 seconds by default).

I think this is what you are looking for:

instructs the primary of the replica set to become a secondary. After the primary steps down, eligible secondaries will hold an election for a new primary.

Another option would be that you can force a replica set member to become primary by giving it a higher members[n].priority value than any other member in the set. Note that a majority of the configured members of a replica set must be available for a replica set to reconfigure or elect a primary.

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