In Job Step > Properties, only see two tabs: Package and Configuration — EncryptSensitiveWithPassword

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In Job Step > Properties, only see two tabs: Package and Configuration

I am trying to set a job step that executes a package requiring a package password, since the package protection level is set to EncryptSensitiveWithPassword. The job is running on SQL Server 2014. I see all kinds of examples of how to do this, where the job step properties page has 9 tabs (Set Values, Verification, Command Line, General, Configurations, Command Files, Data Sources, Execution Options and Logging). Command Line allows me to enter the password (with the /DECRYPT command line option).

When I look at my job step, logged in to the server as an Admin, running SSMS as administrator, all I see are two tabs: Package and Configuration. I deployed the packages using the Project Deployment method. How do I get those other tabs to show up?

(My ultimate goal is to give the SQL Agent who runs the job access to a MySQL DB password, and I understand setting the package protection level to EncryptSensistiveWithPassword is the correct way to do that, but I cannot find another way to provide the package password.)

How to solve :

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Method 1

In the job step properties after selecting SQL Server Integration Services Package as the type, switch Package source to SSIS Package Store to get the 9 tabs. SSIS Catalog is the default and only has 2 tabs.

SSIS Package Store:

enter image description here

SSIS Catalog (the default):

enter image description here

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