Implement AKA in SQL Server Master Data Services

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I’m working with a bunch of scientists and we’re trying to implement a master data solution for the ingredients they use in formulations. The problem with their historic data is Scientist #1 will use Ingredient A but call it ‘Alpha 100’ while Scientist #2 will use Ingredient A and call it ‘A100’. We want to implement Master Data Services to make sure the way the materials are characterized scientifically is consistent and then develop a template that will force scientists to pick ingredients from a drop down. However, Scientist #1 will be looking for ‘Alpha 100’ and Scientist #2 will be looking for ‘A100’ in a dropdown, so I’m curious, is there a way to implement an AKA (also known as) solution is SQL Server Master Data Services?

I was thinking it could just be a bunch of extra attributes that can be null and then unpivot them in a view, but that doesn’t feel elegant.

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Method 1

You would use a separate entity and a derived hierarchy.

Ingredient(Code, Name, ...)

IngredientAKA(Code, Name, Ingredient)

Where the Ingredient.Name is the "official" or "canonical" name, and IngredientAKA.Name is has all the alternate names.

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