how to split multiple rows in the same column into different columns depending on the data provided postgres

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so this is what I have…

id name children children’s age
1 Rachel john 20
1 Rachel cell 10
1 Rachel jay 15
2 Jereme Les 17
2 Jereme greg 5.5
2 Jereme ven 27

but I’m trying to find a way to get this kind of results……

id name child1 age child2 age child3 age
1 Rachel john 20 cell 10 jay 15
2 Jereme Les 17 greg 5.5 ven 27

so if I can get any help in the query part…. I’m still a beginner in psql so if you can explain as well… thank you

How to solve :

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Method 1

A standard conditional aggregation (pivot) query should work

  MAX(t.children) FILTER (WHERE t.rn = 1) AS child1,
  MAX(t.age)      FILTER (WHERE t.rn = 1) AS age1,
  MAX(t.children) FILTER (WHERE t.rn = 2) AS child2,
  MAX(t.age)      FILTER (WHERE t.rn = 2) AS age2,
  MAX(t.children) FILTER (WHERE t.rn = 3) AS child3,
  MAX(t.age)      FILTER (WHERE t.rn = 3) AS age3
    SELECT *,
    FROM YourTable t
) t


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