How to pass the current row to Generated Column function in Postgres?

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Postgres 12+ supports generated columns:

From the docs, the syntax seems limited – it forces one to explicitly name the columns on which the generated column depends.

    height_cm numeric,
    height_in numeric GENERATED ALWAYS AS (height_cm / 2.54) STORED

Is there a way to pass the entire row to the generating function? Something like

    height_cm numeric,
    height_in numeric GENERATED ALWAYS AS generator_function(current_row) STORED

How to solve :

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Method 1

This doesn’t seem possible.

If it did work, it could only work by first creating the table, then the function, then adding the generated column.

However, doing that:

  id int,
  height_cm numeric

create function generator_function(p_row people)
  returns numeric
  select p_row.height_cm / 2.54;
language sql

alter table people
   add height_in numeric GENERATED ALWAYS AS (generator_function(people)) STORED;

Results in:

ERROR: cannot use whole-row variable in column generation expression
   Detail: This would cause the generated column to depend on its own value.

So, this does not seem to be possible.

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