How to migrate a MySQL server database from an older version to a newer?

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I am trying to import a database from an older MySQL server (v 5.0) to a newer (8.0).

So I exported the dump file from the original database, and tried to import in the newer system, but then it’s showing a thousand syntax errors.

The thing is that the older database is working fine, so I presume that the problem is the version. May someone help? Thanks!

How to solve :

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Method 1

Unfortunately, I do not have old databases to test this with, but for migrations of this type in the past (MySQL 4.x ~ 5.7), I had to follow this process:

  1. Create a dump of the database and import it onto another machine, either using the same version or just slightly newer (for example, build a VM or Docker container with MySQL 5.0~5.2 and import)
  2. Upgrade the MySQL installation to the next major point release
  3. Repeat step 2 until you’re at a more recent, target-compatible version
  4. Dump the database
  5. Import into the target version
  6. Test, test, test, and test

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