how to join these individual queries into a single query

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I have two individual queries, which I have to join them into single query.

1st query:

I have a parameter called name in a request. When I give that name, it should determine its id. Example: If I give VS-ABC in a request it should determine it’s id=1.

stu_details table

[{id:1,name:"VS-ABC"]} -- sample input record to refer

select * from stu_details where name="VS-ABC"

2nd query:

select * from PR
where pr_id in (select pr_id from PRS where id =1)

Here id =1 and I am giving it manually, but I wanted these queries to run in a single shot and dynamically. Whenever I pass a request "name" parameter then it should determine that id and pass in the second query inside IN query.

How to solve :

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Method 1

JOIN prs ON pr.pr_id = prs.pr_id
JOIN stu_details ON =

Whether DISTINCT is needed or not depends on the data.

PS. Do not use double quote chars " for literals quoting, you must use single quote chars ' for this purposes.

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