How to disable MYSQL Replication?

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I have 2 databases which are replicating each other with no issues. I required a test database server and to avoid installing OS etc, I started a new image of one of the servers (with different hostname, IPs etc).

Before switching on the interfaces I would like to be sure that the new test database will not send or receive and replication data from the other live servers. One easy solution is to remove IP routing towards the live servers, but I would like to disable replication too to be 100% sure. Can someone pls guide me how to disable replication so that the test server will not send any updates and not receive any updates?

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Method 1

MySQL replication does not send anything. It’s the replicas that must pull data.

This means if you haven’t configured any replicas to connect to your test server, there’s no way it can send any updates to other MySQL instances.

But to answer your question, you could:

  • Disable the binary log on the test server. Then there would be no logs for any replica to pull even if they tried. On MySQL 8.0, you would set the server option skip-log-bin in your my.cnf file before you start the instance. On older versions, there is no skip prefix supported, so if you just don’t enable log-bin in the my.cnf file (or comment it out if it’s there).

  • Identify the MySQL user that your replicas would use to connect, and use REVOKE REPLICATION SLAVE to remove the privilege from that user on your test instance. Or change the password, or just DROP USER.

That said, I also recommend configuring your network routing so test servers and live servers can’t reach each other at all. Not only for the sake of MySQL replication, but any other contact.

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