How to change the default isolation level of a transaction in a stored procedure in PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL?

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I am interested in controlling the isolation level of a transaction inside a PostgreSQL procedure but haven’t found any information on how to do it. The documentation on Transaction Management within Chapter 42. PL/pgSQL — SQL Procedural Language only states that:

A new transaction starts out with default transaction characteristics such as transaction isolation level.

Can we change the default isolation level? Can you provide example code?

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Method 1

That should be simple:

   SET default_transaction_isolation = 'repeatable read';

The downside to that is that because of the limitations of transaction management inside procedures, you can no longer COMMIT or ROLLBACK inside such a procedure.

If you need that, you could start the procedure body like this:

COMMIT;  -- otherwise you get a silly error

Transaction management inside procedures is pretty limited at the moment.

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