How to catagorize timestamp based on hours in postgreSQL

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I am trying to categorize the timestamp by the HOUR using the arrival column categories like [‘00.00 – 06.00’, ‘06.00 – 10.00’, ‘10.00 – 14.00’, ‘14.00 – 18.00’, ‘18.00 – 00.00’]). I am very new to this kindly help.

How to catagorize timestamp based on hours in postgreSQL

the table has all the time durations from 00.00 to 23.00 just the sample is shown here.

Kindly help me to do the categories and add them.

How to solve :

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Method 1

You can build a list of start/end times and do a left join against that together with a group by:

Something along the lines:

with times (begin_time, end_time) as (
     (time '00:00', time '06:00'),
     (time '06:00', time '10:00'),
     (time '10:00', time '14:00'),
     (time '14:00', time '18:00'),
     (time '18:00', time '24:00')
select tm.begin_time, tm.end_time, count(*)
from times tm
  left join the_table t 
         on t.arrival::time >= tm.begin_time
        and t.arrival::time < tm.end_time
group by tm.begin_time, tm.end_time
order by 1,2;        

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