How do I provide access to certain rows that are common for all users when implementing PostgreSQL Row Level Security?

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We have a multi-tenant database and this is a table in which we have implemented row-level security based on tenant_id:

tenant_id product_id
0 A
0 B
1 1A
1 1B
2 2A
2 2B

Our requirement is that the products associated with tenant_id = 0 should be available to all tenants.
Products associated with tenant_id != 0 should only be available to the relevant tenants.

Is there a way to implement this using security definers?
Or do we need to have separate tables?

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Method 1

you can always write multiple conditions while writing RLS policies.
for example: in your case, create policy *policy_name* on *table_name* for all to public using (tenant_id=current_user or tenant_id = 0)

Reference: enter link description here

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