How do I correct InnoDB Multiple files found for the same tablespace ID?

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Some time ago after an update of Ubuntu 20.10, I discovered that MySQL was not running. When I tried to restart it, the error message suggested that it had started, failed and stopped. A check of the error log contained "InnoDB Multiple files found for the same tablespace ID" and listed 25 such instances, for example Tablespace ID: 92 = ['mercury/pickupcity.ibd', 'mycity/wp_mycity_eventlog.ibd']

How do I correct InnoDB Multiple files found for the same tablespace ID?

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Method 1

After reading up on what a tablespace was, it became clear that they were tables in the databases. I noticed that one database recurred in each of the 25 lines, whether it was first in the order or second. Based on that I concluded that that database was linked to the problem and so deleted it using sudo rm -R /var/lib/mysql/mercury in the console.

Next I started MySQL with sudo systemctl start mysql and after an unusual delay, the server started.

Luckily I have the sql file to recreate the deleted database.

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