How Can I Write a Postgres "if" Based on a SELECT?

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If I have a function in PostgreSQL, I can validate its arguments (eg. a username argument) like so:

IF LENGTH(username) < 4 THEN
    RAISE EXCEPTION 'Usernames must contain at least four characters';

What I can’t figure out is how to do the same thing with the results of a SELECT query, ie. something like:

    RAISE EXCEPTION 'Username already exists';

(And yes, I know PostgreSQL will give me an error without that line, but I want to have a friendlier error message.)

Is something like that possible in (Postgre)SQL, and if so can someone point me at the syntax (or an example of it) that I could look at?

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Method 1

Yes, that is possible, but the subquery needs an extra pair of parentheses:

length((SELECT col FROM users WHERE ...))

One pair of parentheses is for the subquery, one for the function call.

The more readable way to write this is

(SELECT length(col) FROM users WHERE ...)

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