How can I tell which data sources are being used in SSRS?

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We have a bunch of SSRS (2008) reports deployed to our web portal. We have edited some of the reports to use a shared data source different than the one with which it was originally deployed.

I am looking for a way to query the ReportServer database to show me which reports use which of these shared data sources. I found that you can use the XML data stored in Catalog.Content to show what data source is being used, but this appears to the data source with which the report was originally deployed.

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Method 1

Okay, I got it. Found this link which helped:

I distilled that information to this query:

  cat1.Name datasource
  join DataSource
    on Catalog.ItemID = DataSource.ItemID
  join Catalog cat1
    on DataSource.Link = cat1.ItemID
  Catalog.Type = 2

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