How can I determine which database a replication subscription belongs to?

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It seems in order to drop the subscription, you first need to connect to the associated database. However I’m not sure how to determine which database a subscription belongs to?

An example of a subscription I’d like to delete:

finder_v2=# SELECT * FROM pg_subscription;
 subdbid | subname | subowner | subenabled |                                            subconninfo                                            | subslotname | subsynccommit | subpublications 
   16384 | chris   |       10 | t          | host=localhost user=postgres password=mysecretpassword port=5555 dbname=finder connect_timeout=10 | chris       | off           | {chris}
(1 row)

I did a web search for this, as well as reading through some of the postgres documentation but still not able to figure this out.

How to solve :

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Method 1

subdbid identifies the database in which the subscription is defined:

select *
from pg_database
where oid = 16384;

Or join it to pg_subscription:

SELECT d.datname, s.subname, s.subowner::regrole::text
FROM pg_subscription s
  join pg_database d on d.oid = s.subdbid;

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