host name resolution in dba_network_acls

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When you create an ACL with:

 host => '',
 lower_port => 10000,
 upper_port => 65535,
 ace => xs$ace_type(privilege_list => xs$name_list('jdwp'),
 principal_name => 'myusername',
 principal_type => xs_acl.ptype_db)

and then a client tells Oracle to connect to a numeric ip address will Oracle use name resolution to match the host name with the ip address and if so, in which direction? Will Oracle try to make a reverse lookup for the ip address and compare the host names or will it make a domain name lookup and compare the ip addresses?

How to solve :

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Method 1

The host in the ACL must match the host in the PL/SQL program attempting to make the connection. oracle will not resolve hostname to IP or vice versa when applying the ACL. – pmdba

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