Helm Install MySQL InnoDB Cluster: tls.routerCertAndPKsecretName: secret 'my-mysql-innodbcluster-router-tls' not found in namespace 'default'

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When I run the command from ArtifactHUB to install the mysql-innodbcluster

helm install my-mysql-innodbcluster mysql-operator/mysql-innodbcluster --version 2.0.4

I get the following error,

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: execution error at (mysql-innodbcluster/templates/deployment_cluster.yaml:18:8): tls.routerCertAndPKsecretName: secret ‘my-mysql-innodbcluster-router-tls’ not found in namespace ‘default’

How can I resolve it?

How to solve :

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Method 1

The instructions for deploying/creating a MySQL InnoDB Cluster with Helm can be found here,

You have two options with MySQL, either deploy with

  • A self-signed certificate. This will require setting tls.useSelfSigned
  • An externally signed certificate. his will require providing a tls.caSecretName, tls.serverCertAndPKsecretName and tls.serverCertAndPKsecretName

You can set these options like this with --set like this

helm install <clustername> mysql-operator/mysql-innodbcluster \
  --set tls.useSelfSigned=true

No matter what you’ll also always have to provide credentials.root.password for this specific chart --set credentials.root.password=foobar

See also,

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