Getting first messages only for every day in a specific date range

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Table messages:

conv_id user_id content sent_time
1 001 1st_msg 01-01-1990 00:00:00
2 002 2nd_msg 02-01-1990 00:00:00

How do we select the first message and the first reply sent in a conversation (conv_id) every day?


  1. There can be many users.
  2. A single user can send multiple messages.
  3. This is a dataset of people, and only two people are chatting with each other.
  4. Throughout the day, multiple messages get exchanged.
  5. First message can be defined by the minimum sent time within day 1 of the first user.
  6. First reply can be defined as the minimum sent time within day 1 of the second user.

How to solve :

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Method 1

There is a truly simple solution with DISTINCT ON:

SELECT DISTINCT ON (date_trunc('day', sent_time), conv_id, user_id)
FROM   tbl
ORDER  BY date_trunc('day', sent_time), conv_id, user_id, sent_time;

db<>fiddle here


An emulated index-skip may be faster. See:

In case of timestamptz, "days" are defined by the timezone setting of your current session, unless defined explicitly. See:

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