Get latest timestamp from column in given table dynamically

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I want to get last timestmap from a table with the column updated in PostgreSQL.

And I want a function to do that. So I can pass the table name as parameter and the function returns the latest timestamp in column updated.

My table:
Get latest timestamp from column in given table dynamically

Query used:

select max(updated) from mytable;

How to solve :

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Method 1

Probably simplest with regclass as input and an OUT parameter:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION f_last_update(_tbl regclass, OUT _last_update timestamp)
  LANGUAGE plpgsql AS
   EXECUTE 'SELECT max(updated_at) FROM ' || _tbl
   INTO _last_update;


SELECT f_last_update('mytable');

Optionally schema-qualified and double-quoted where required:

SELECT f_last_update('"My_odd_ScHeMa"."Unwise table name"');

Safe against SQL injection because regclass is automatically quoted and schema-qualified properly when converted to text.


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