Get first id of the latest 25000 entries?

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I have a database with 200000 rows. Of those 200000 rows I want the latest 25000 and from those I need the oldest id (column entity_id).

This is my query so far: select * from sales_flat_order order by entity_id desc limit 25000;

This is aleady running forever. Is there a better way? Maybe its easier to get the entity_id on position 25000, but it has to be ordered, I need to have id on position 25000 of the latest entries.

This is the create statement of the table:


How to solve :

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Method 1

You can use LIMIT offset

select * 
from sales_flat_order 
order by entity_id desc limit 24999,1;

The OFFSET value allows us to specify which row to start from retrieving data.

offset — > 24999 hence the starting position is 25000.

row_count — > 1 only one value returned

Learn more on MySQL LIMIT clause

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