get base urls with different "endings" after the last slash

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Okay, so have a wonderful script that checks the “base” url up to a certain number of slashes, but realized what I really need is checking the “ending” going backwards to the first non-escaped URL slash, and providing the prefixes are identical, display them.

I.e., let’s say this is my data:

CREATE TABLE `testtable` (
  `field1` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `field2` datetime NOT NULL,
  `urlTest` varchar(255) NOT NULL

INSERT INTO `testtable` (`field1`, `field2`, `urlTest`) VALUES
(1, '2010-01-01', ''),
(2, '2010-01-01', ''),
(3, '2010-01-01', ''),
(4, '2010-01-01', ''),
(5, '2010-01-01', ''),
(6, '2012-02-02', ''),
(7, '2013-02-02', ''),
(8, '2014-02-02', ''),
(9, '2014-02-02', '');

ALTER TABLE `testtable`
  ADD PRIMARY KEY (`field1`);

so – the script should find identical “base” urls with different endings, based on the last “slash” in the URL.

So in this case,

would both be listed, because they have the same “base” URL (, just with different suffixes, and same dates.

and obviously, “” would not display, because even though it shares a common base url, and common date – it is not the “same” entire base URL? (ie., “” versus “

How to solve :

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Method 1

FROM testtable t1, testtable t2
WHERE t1.field2 = t2.field2
  AND t1.urlTest != t2.urlTest
     =SUBSTRING(REVERSE(t2.urlTest) FROM LOCATE('/', REVERSE(t2.urlTest)))


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