Flatten a JSONB file – What function/query

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In a bit of a pickle at work – I have a Jsonb which I need to flatten a file that has similar structure:

         "address":"Deer Creek Road Palo Alto",
         "contact":"[email protected]"
         "address":"Petuelring 130, 80809 München",
         "contact":"[email protected]"

I want this in a table format where manufacturing are column names! Something like this – Postgres JSONB – Flatten nested objects and groupings! Can’t seem to understand how to get there. He has mentioned using jsonb_to_recordset but not sure how to get everything in a typical csv format.

Example of how I want to see the data –

Flatten a JSONB file - What function/query

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Method 1

You can indeed use jsonb_to_recordset, but you also need to use -> to pull out the manufacturer property.

Your expected result is unclear, but it looks like you could do this:

FROM YourTable t
CROSS JOIN jsonb_to_recordset(t.jsonColumn->'manufacturer')
    AS j(manufacturer varchar(100), address varchar(100), contact varchar(100));


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