Filter rows of one table with conditions coming from another table

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I have a table that stores conditions

CREATE TABLE conditions (field_id TEXT, value BOOLEAN)

With entries like

field_id value
f1 true
f2 false

And another table that stores users with field values in a jsonb column

CREATE TABLE users (id BIGINT, fields JSON)

With entries like

id values
1 {"f1":true, "f2":false}
2 {"f1":true, "f2":true}
3 {"f1":false, "f2":false}

I’d like to write a query that returns only the user with 1 in my example.

How to solve :

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Method 1

Personally I’d suggest to use jsonb type instead of json (which is essentially a string). And then you can do something like this:

select *
from users as u
    fields @> (select jsonb_object_agg(c.field_id, c.value) from conditions as c);

But you can also expand json and match it like this:

select *
from users as u
    exists (
        from conditions as c
            left join jsonb_each(u.fields) as f on
                f.key = c.field_id and
                f.value::boolean = c.value
            count(*) = count(f.value)


Method 2

This is a classic Relational Division question, you just need to unpivot the JSON into separate key/value rows

FROM users u
    FROM conditions c
    LEFT JOIN json_each_text(u.fields) j ON c.field_id = j."key" and c.value = j.value::BOOL
    HAVING COUNT(*) = COUNT(j.value)  -- every condition is matched


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