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I would like to extract all the rows from a table until and including check_type = 'schedule' and checked_at < '2016-09-26', in this situation I don’t have a lower bound for checked_at, the lower bound could be the checked_at value of the first row which has the type scheduled, but I don’t see how I can get that.

CREATE TABLE project_check_history (
  id serial PRIMARY KEY,
  project_id int4,
  check_type varchar,
  checked_at timestamp

INSERT INTO project_check_history(project_id, check_type, checked_at) 
      (1, 'instant', '2016-09-26'),
      (1, 'instant', '2016-09-25'),
      (1, 'scheduled', '2016-09-24'),
      (1, 'instant', '2016-09-23'),
      (1, 'scheduled', '2016-09-23');
      (1, 'instant', '2016-09-22'),
      (1, 'scheduled', '2016-09-21');

This is part of a bigger question here, but I’m really stuck, and don’t see how I can do it.

Expected output it will be:


How to solve :

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Method 1

This will do what you want. If there is no row with check_type = 'scheduled' in the specified interval, it will return no rows at all. If you want all the rows instead, it will have to be slightly modified:

WITH find_schedule AS
  ( SELECT created_at
    FROM project_check_history
    WHERE check_type = 'scheduled'
      AND checked_at <= '2016-09-26'
    ORDER BY checked_at DESC
    LIMIT 1
FROM project_check_history
WHERE checked_at <= '2016-09-26'
  AND checked_at >= (TABLE first_schedule) ;  

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