Differences between MariaDB docker tags

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I need to install MariaDB 10.5 latest GA with docker.

What is the main difference between the following tags?

  • 10.5.11-focal
  • 10.5-focal
  • 10-focal
  • focal
  • 10.5.11
  • 10.5
  • 10
  • latest

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Method 1

Short answer: Nothing.

Long answer:

"Latest" refers to be the latest, which is 10.5.y; some day soon it may refer to the latest 10.6.y, which is is early stages of being released.
10 refers to the lastest 10.x.y
10.5 refers to the latest 10.5.y
10.5.11 seems to be the latest available 10.5.y

"Focal" refers to the base OS the Docker container is built on which, in this case, would be Ubuntu 20.04 a.k.a. "Focal Fossa"

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