Delete millions of rows on a badly designed table

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I have identified Millions of duplicated rows on a table I have inherited by using this query:

SELECT COUNT(*) AS NumRecords, AccessID, LEFT(SQLTEXT, 5000)
FROM Table
WHERE AccessID=5012

Delete millions of rows on a badly designed table

The only index I can use on the table is the AccessRequestID field – the SQLText field is VARCHAR(MAX) and there are over 100 million records here and since there is a varchar(MAX) column the table is HUGE and takes FOREVER to do anything with. How can I turn that Select statement into a delete to remove the duplicated records? I was trying to figure out how the write a CTE using Partition Rownum, but I’m not confident in it. My Idea would be to have it in a loop that starts with AccessID 1 and then increments by one until the end of the table (There are only 5012 unique accessIDs) Since I would be filtering the where by the NC Index it will hopefully be faster.

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Method 1

maybe you can try to insert the valid rows into a new table and then replace the old table with the new one.

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