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A CHECKDB job has recently started returning error number 2706 for 2 databases (msdb and a user database).
The msdb.dbo.suspect_pages table is empty though. When I run CHECKDB manually it says:
CHECKDB found 0 allocation errors and 0 consistency errors in database ‘msdb’.

I’m not sure if it’s related, but just before the error started appearing we upgraded SQL Server 2016 from CU17 to SP3.

Where can I find information on what error number 2706 means?


How to solve :

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Method 1

You can get more information here: https://www.sqlservercentral.com/forums/topic/sql2017-cu21-checkdb-with-extended_logical_checks where user Albert Hamidullin reports:

I caught the error, it appears twice with this message "Table ‘fn_available_backups’ does not exist."

Two objects – two messages

It turns out that dbcc does not always correctly understand whether an object is a table or not.

I caught the same errors on other databases, where table types were the culprit

There are two table-valued functions in msdb named fn_available_backups, one in the managed_backup schema, and one in the smart_admin schema.

The error is thrown when EXTENDED_LOGICAL_CHECKS attempts to check for corruption in statistics associated with indexes on the return table variables.

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