Convert a postgres GENERATED column to a regular non-generated column (in place without DROP)

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I’m using postgres 13.3, and I already have an existing table with a GENERATED column such as:

CREATE TABLE test_table (
    id uuid NOT NULL DEFAULT uuid_generate_v4(),
    the_column_to_alter bool NOT NULL GENERATED ALWAYS AS (2 > 1) STORED,
    CONSTRAINT test_table2_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id)

But I’ve now changed my mind, and I want this to instead just be a regular non-generated column that I can edit manually…

  • But I want to avoid having to DROP and re-create the column
  • And I want to retain the existing values that are already in the column at the moment

Is this possible? What would the ALTER query be to do this for the the_column_to_alter column?

How to solve :

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Method 1

Here’s the command for the example table in the original post:

ALTER TABLE test_table ALTER COLUMN the_column_to_alter DROP EXPRESSION;

The postgres manual page is here:

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