Construct new table by dropping rows that don't have highest “priority”

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I have a table that contains a list of names used to designate objects (represented themselves by an id). It is created with:

CREATE TABLE all_names
    id       integer NOT NULL,
    name     varchar(64) PRIMARY KEY,
    priority integer NOT NULL,

(The priority field is mostly used to sort the list of synonyms of an object with given id.)

I would like to create from this table another table that associates to each object its name with highest priority. Columns should be like this:

    id       integer PRIMARY KEY,
    name     varchar(64) NOT NULL UNIQUE,


How can I fill the new table with only the top names?



id name priority
1  A    3
1  AA   2
1  AAA  1

2  B    1

3  C    4
3  CC   3
3  CCC  2
3  CCCC 1

should give me:


id name
1  A
2  B
3  C

as the name of object 1 with highest priority is A, etc.


Fiddle that also includes proposed solutions

How to solve :

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Method 1

Simply use distinct on like below

insert into objs
select distinct on (id) id,name 
from all_names 
order by id, priority desc


Method 2

WITH cte AS ( SELECT id, name, 
                     ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY id ORDER BY priority DESC) rn
              FROM all_names )
INSERT INTO objs (id, name) 
SELECT id, name
FROM cte
WHERE rn = 1

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