Can user variables be assigned of BIT datatype?

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Based on the documentation:

User variables can be assigned a value from a limited set of data types: integer, decimal, floating-point, binary or nonbinary string, or NULL value.

As you see, user variables aren’t supported BIT datatype. Right? Ok, I have this code:

    SELECT active INTO @active FROM users WHERE id = new.user_id;
    IF (IFNULL((@active & b'100' > 0), 0) < 1) THEN
        SIGNAL SQLSTATE '45000' SET MESSAGE_TEXT = "You cannot vote";
    END IF;

Note: active column is BIT(10).

You know, my code surprisingly works as well .. Why? I mean how MySQL treats with @active variable as a BIT datatype?

How to solve :

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Method 1

b'100' is just the number 4 represented in a different way. Similarly for the column active and the variable @active.

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