Can the Oracle-Text OR be replaced with a comma?

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I have incorporated user-accessible Oracle-Text functionality within my application and I noticed that the comma , can be used in place of OR or the pipe | character.

Searching on ‘red OR green OR blue’ returns the same results as ‘red|green|blue’ or ‘red,green,blue’.

I reviewed the Oracle-Text Contains documentation and tried my favourite search engine but I did not find any documentation to support or negate my findings and the comma , is never mentioned.

I would like to mention the comma , as an option for my users but don’t want to without some supporting documentation.

How to solve :

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Method 1

The link to the document that you posted has the comma as the ACCUMulate operator.

The Accumulate operator is the operator with the lowest precedence, but it affects the scoring of the returned items, with the higher number of possible matches returning a higher score

e.g. the accumulate action of cat,dog would score something with both cat and dog higher than a string with either cat xor dog in it

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