Calculating membership expiry for overlapping subscriptions

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The setup: people pay for membership subscriptions, they can pay before or after their expiry date, so there are gaps and overlaps. In case of a gap, subscription starts anew, in case of overlapping it adds to the current one. Here’s how the table looks like:

Calculating membership expiry for overlapping subscriptions

So for each new renewal we save a datestamp and its term in months then calculate current expiry on the fly, here’s a snippet of code that produces an actual expiry for every account.

SELECT max(z.expiry) as expiry, z.user_id FROM (
  SELECT @exp := IF(user_id = @usr, GREATEST(@exp, created), created) + INTERVAL term MONTH AS expiry,
  @usr := user_id AS user_id    
  FROM memrecords
  JOIN (SELECT @exp := "1975-01-01 00:00:00", @usr := 0) dummy
  ORDER BY user_id ASC, created ASC) AS z
GROUP BY z.user_id;

So far it works kinda all right but I wanted to optimise things a bit by storing expiry dates in a separate table updated with triggers.

The problem is that a) MySQL 8 fires warnings about setting variables in expressions being deprecated, b) I feel that it’s a job for a recursive cte and/or window functions but can’t figure it out myself.

Fiddle link

Any ideas are welcome!

How to solve :

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Method 1

cte1 AS (  -- enumerate rows
    SELECT *,
           ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY user_id ORDER BY created) rn
    FROM memrecords
cte2 AS (  -- calculate expire date recursively
    SELECT *,
           created + INTERVAL term MONTH AS expired
    FROM cte1
    WHERE rn = 1
    SELECT cte1.*,
           GREATEST(cte2.expired, cte1.created) + INTERVAL cte1.term MONTH
    FROM cte1
    JOIN cte2 USING (user_id)
    WHERE cte1.rn = cte2.rn + 1
cte3 AS (  -- get last row number
    SELECT user_id,
           MAX(rn) rn
    FROM cte1
    GROUP BY 1
-- obtain needed data
SELECT user_id, cte2.expired
FROM cte3 

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