Azure SQL Database Elastic Pools – TSQL to get current Elastic Pool

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I would like to be able to fetch the name of the elastic pool that the current database belongs to using TSQL but the only DMV I can find with a column containing elastic is sys.elastic_pool_resource_stats
& I don’t see any reference to databases there. I also checked sys.databases to see if an extra column got sneaked on there but nothing I could recognise.

Ideally this should work like @@servername or db_name()
(when on earth will they get around to creating server_name() or @@dbname so that we can code consistently ?)

Does anyone know a suitable command ?

(btw no tag for "elastic pools")

How to solve :

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Method 1

What about this?

-- TSQL to find Databases, corresponding elastic pool names and DB edition
       @@SERVERNAME as [ServerName],
       dso.elastic_pool_name, as DatabaseName,
       sys.databases d inner join sys.database_service_objectives dso on d.database_id = dso.database_id
WHERE d.Name <> 'master'
ORDER BY, dso.elastic_pool_name

Method 2

Found it, though the solution is rather limited, because this DMV is only available in the master database and you can’t actually refer to it from within a user database.

select,  o.* 
from sys.database_service_objectives o
join sys.databases d on
  o.database_id = d.database_id

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