Alter user in Postgres and change the ownership of the user to amended user

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I am doing an audit and amending usernames in our postgres database (9.6) environment.

I can amend the user to a new username via the ALTER USER name RENAME TO new_name command however I want to also amend the ownership of the user on any objects they may have to the new renamed user.

If I rename the user I am then unable to make the ownership change as the old username would no longer exist.

Is there a way round this? or would it simply be easier to create a brand new username and move the ownership to the new username and then delete the old username.


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Method 1

The name of a user is just a string attribute in a system column, the true identity is the user’s object ID number, which doesn’t change.

So if user x owns a table, and you rename x to y, then it is still the same user, and it will still own the table. After the name change, the table will be owned by y.

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