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I downloaded Python and youtube-dl, on my desktop I saved the file My goal is to download video with subtitles. I opened cmd, wrote cd Desktop, pressed enter, after I dragged the file on the cmd and then I don’t know how download video with subtitles (I only know how download video without subtitles: after dragged file, I enter a space and after the link of video). What command could I use to download video with subtitles?
(In the figure there is a mistake: the file is instead of
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P.S. I tried the command –write-srt –sub-lang en ‘‘ found on How to download videos from YouTube with subtitles? but it does not work. The link which I used is instead of

In the file there is

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Method 1

According to the Readme file for youtube-dl (the program you run as the file, --write-srt is not an option, but --write-sub is. The Readme file with all options is available here:

I successfully downloaded a video with subtitles using --sub-lang en --convert-subs srt --write-sub <youtube url>. --sub-lang en chooses english subtitles, --convert-subs srt converts the subtitles to the common SubRib (.srt) format, --write-sub writes the subtitles to a .srt file and <youtube url> is simply the URL/web address of the youtube video page.

An example: --sub-lang en --convert-subs srt --write-sub

If you use the windows executable, launch your DOS-prompt, navigate to your youtube-dl.exe file and write e.g: youtube-dl.exe --sub-lang en --convert-subs srt --write-sub The --convert-subs command will not work if you do not have the ffmpeg program installed. If that is the case, you have to omit this option and youtube-dl will output .vtt subtitles instead.

Method 2

see Subtitle Options ( and Post-processing Options (

My example on fedora 29. youtube-dl --help (youtube-dl --version 2019.08.13)

youtube-dl -ci -f "bestvideo[ext=mp4]"+"bestaudio[ext=m4a]" --write-sub --embed-subs --merge-output-format mp4 --proxy socks5://

-c, –continue Force resume of partially downloaded files.
By default, youtube-dl will resume
downloads if possible.


-i, –ignore-errors Continue on download errors, for example to skip unavailable videos in a playlist


-f, –format FORMAT Video format code, see the “FORMAT
SELECTION” for all the info (requires ffmpeg or avconv installed)


–write-sub Write subtitle file


–embed-subs Embed subtitles in the video (only for mp4,
webm and mkv videos)


–proxy URL Use the specified HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxy. To enable SOCKS proxy, specify a proper
scheme. For example socks5:// Pass in an empty string (–proxy “”)
for direct connection


–merge-output-format FORMAT If a merge is required (e.g.
bestvideo+bestaudio), output to given
container format. One of mkv, mp4, ogg,
webm, flv. Ignored if no merge is required


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