Windows 7: Should I Install 64-bit or 32-bit Version? (x64 vs x86)

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Deciding which Windows 7 version to install can be a difficult decision and can really limit what you can do with your system. Do you have any practical hints which could help decide which version to install?

With the gaining popularity of 64-bit chipsets/processors, many users now have the ability to run either 64-bit versions (x64) or 32-bit versions (x86) of software and operating systems. However, if you only have a 32-bit processor, your choice is easy…

You can only install the x64 version of Vista/Windows 7 if you have a 64-bit processor.

For those with 64-bit processors, it seems obvious that installing the x64 version of Windows 7 would be ideal. The x64 version has increased security based around the 64-bit structure and programs compiled for 64-bit processors will likely run faster.

What’s the problem with installing Windows 7 x64 on a 64-bit system?

How to solve :

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Method 1

I would go with 64-bit version in all cases except in these three cases:

  1. If there are no drivers for your devices (some old printers, PIC programmers, etc…)
  2. If you need program that cannot work on 64-bit (Windows Mobile SDK Cellular Emulator comes to mind)
  3. If you have less than 2 GB of RAM (as suggested by jerryjvl :)).

In all other cases, go with 64-bit OS.

Method 2

Go with the 64-bit version. I have experienced no problems with it that weren’t duplicated in the 32-bit version, and it provides some nice benefits (like expanded memory address space, more memory per application, etc).

There’s no real reason that I can think of to go 32-bit if your computer supports 64-bit.

Method 3

If you have more then 3GB memory or planning upgrade to 4GB+ => 64-bit

Method 4

I don’t have any problems with Vista x64,i’ve been using it for quite some time now

Method 5

It depends on your needs. If you’re writing letters with Word, reading emails, browsing the Internet and do more simple things then a 64-bits system would be pure overkill. Then again, if your system can handle it and the price is the same, just go for it anyway! 🙂

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