should you install specific drivers from your motherboard / video card manufacturer, or let Windows do the job?

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I have a computer which is working fine after a windows re-install. However, I did not install any drivers at all, they seem to have been installed via Windows Update.

Back then, I remember I had to download the latest drivers from the motherboard manufacturer, video-card manufacturer, etc. Is this still valid? Should I download the latest drivers from the manufacturers, or are the drivers available via Windows update enough?

I am running Windows 8.1.

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Method 1

Bit of both. The ‘standard’ windows drivers are a good baseline, but in general, the drivers from the manufacturer tend to be more up to date. With things like video cards, these can make a huge difference. With other things, like printers, I’d go with the standard drivers, then upgrade if I need anything.

In general windows won’t give you anything more than a functional baseline. This can be good (where the official drivers are bloated and it works anyway) or bad (where you need some new stuff). I tended to go with official drivers off the OEMs myself for most part for gaming rigs, and use default drivers with a few additions for general use systems.

Method 2

Leave it to Windows. Do not worry. The drivers windows installs automatically tend to be stable, well tested drivers that should function well. In addition, you can leave driver updates to windows, rather than rely on a third party updater.

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