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I’d like to open a website at regular intervals per day, i.e., the browser should open and automatically navigate towards a pre-set URL.

I looked at options like scheduling to open browser, but I can’t figure out how to open it with a default URL. (No I do not want to make this my start page)

Any help is appreciated

How to solve :

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Method 1

You can make a batch script that starts the browser with the desired URL (for example “c:\program files\internet exploder\iexplore.exe ‘‘” would be valid for internet explorer to open and automatically navigate to
You can then schedule that batch file to be run when you want it to.

Method 2

  1. Use Task Scheduler

  2. Make it launch something like iexplore.exe "" (replace with your browser’s executable, such as firefox.exe etc.)


Method 3

While, basically, launching Internet Explorer (or other browser executable) is OK, a better solution would be launching the default browser associated with handling URLs.

So you can create the following scheduler action:

Action: Start a program
Program: cmd.exe
Add arguments: /c start

Note: Use and implement method 1 because this method fully tested our system.
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